Lightweight and has ideal distribution of mass over the head centreline for safety / comfort

Sarkar PASGT Helmet

Sarkar Defence Solutions - Sarkar PASGT Helmet
Team Wendy Airborn Pads Sarkar Defence Solutions

Because of our strategic partnership with Team Wendy, we are able to offer our helmets complete with the latest and ultra reliable Team Wendy ZAP, EPIC and Airborne Pads.

Comprising of a lightweight shell with ultra comfortable webbing and four point harness system, our helmets offer fantastic comfort while providing world class reliability and protection.

Constructed of Aramid composite materials our PASGTs can consistently meet or exceed 650 m/s V50 Ballistic Test Data when measured against a MIL-STD-662E. It is one of the finest armour head-gear for protection from exploding shrapnel and fragmentation.

The ergonomically engineered design is lightweight and has ideal distribution of mass over the head centreline. This results in a minimum moment of inertia, and therefore no lag in following head movement.

Built from the foundation of real life battle field experience and state of the art technology; we have designed our helmets to offer the user total peace of mind while at the same time offering unparalleled levels of comfort.

Protection Level

Successfully tested for the following:

  • NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01
    • 9mm 124 gr FMJ
    • 44 MAG 240 gr LSWC
  • Fragmentation V50 as per MIL-Std-662F
    • 17 gr FSP = 2283 fps
    • 16 gr RCC = 2400 fps
    • 4 gr RCC = 3117 fps
    • 2 gr RCC = 4159 fps
    • 64 gr RCC = 1814 fps

Physical Data:

The maximum weight of the helmet will be 1,275 gr. for Medium size

The helmets will be provided in four sizes: S, M, L and XL


The Sarkar ACH may be provided in Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green, or according to the customer's requirements

Saltire and Unionjack

All our helmets are manufactured in United Kingdom. They are tested rigorously to international standards to ensure that everything we sell are of the highest quality and offer the greatest protection to our customers. 

Sarkar PASGT Features:

  • Manufactured strictly as per US Military PASGT shape and style.
  • Ballistic shell made of Kevlar composite.
  • Two-component polyurethane paint allows decontamination after exposure to chemical agents.
  • Full frontal protection.
  • Ideal mass distribution minimizes lag during head movement.
  • Certified V50 of up to 640 m/s
  • NATO Codified
  • Helmet Covers available
  • Optional Level IIIA Visor for maximum face protection
  • Designed specially to accommodate Night Vision Systems and Communication Devices