Better peripheral vision and hearing, and also enables the wearer to shoot from the prone position

Sarkar Advanced Combat Helmet

Sarkar Defence Solutions - ACH Advanced Combat Helmet
Team Wendy Airborn Pads Sarkar Defence Solutions

Because of our strategic partnership with Team Wendy, we are able to offer our helmets complete with the latest and ultra reliable Team Wendy ZAP, EPIC and Airborne Pads.

The new SARKAR DEFENCE Advanced Combat Helmet is based upon the US Army's MITCH (Modular Integrated Tactical Comunications Helmet)& ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet).

Designed as a lighter and more compact version of the PASGT Helmet; with reduced ear & back coverage and no lip, it allows for better peripheral vision and hearing, and also enables the wearer to shoot from the prone position.

Protection Level

Successfully tested for the following:

  • NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01
    • 9mm 124 gr FMJ
    • 44 MAG 240 gr LSWC
  • Fragmentation V50 as per MIL-Std-662F
    • 17 gr FSP = 2283 fps
    • 16 gr RCC = 2400 fps
    • 4 gr RCC = 3117 fps
    • 2 gr RCC = 4159 fps
    • 64 gr RCC = 1814 fps

Physical Data:

The maximum weight of the helmet will be 1,275 gr. for Medium size

The helmets will be provided in four sizes: S, M, L and XL


The Sarkar ACH may be provided in Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green, or according to the customer's requirements

Saltire and Unionjack

All our helmets are manufactured in United Kingdom. They are tested rigorously to international standards to ensure that everything we sell are of the highest quality and offer the greatest protection to our customers. 

Sarkar Advance Combat Ballistic Helmet Features:

  • High ballistic performance with low weight, using high-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber. (DuPont, Kevlar)
  • Adjustable 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad. Also available with High Tech EVA PADS
  • Crown Mesh with cross straps; with plastic or dual band chin cups
  • Shock Absorption Tested to EN397 - PASS
  • Paint Tested to Defence Standard 00-23, Infra Red Reflective (IRR), MOD
  • Ballistic Test Carried out by NIJ approved United States Test Labs, Kansas, USA