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Sarkar Defence Solutions - Demining Helmet
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Because of our strategic partnership with Team Wendy, we are able to offer our helmets complete with the latest and ultra reliable Team Wendy ZAP, EPIC and Airborne Pads.

It is a general-purpose helmet for the modern user. It utilises the excellent performance or aramid, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix using SARKAR's unique process technology.

This is the key to achieving an excellent performance to weight ration. The SARKAR COMBAT LD Helmet can be worn for extensive periods of time, even in adverse conditions, with superior comfort.

The improved harness system not only improves comfort, balance and stress fatigue but also only uses 5 bolts as opposed to the normal 8 in the standard US version. The LD style gives extended coverage to the back and sides of the head.

It is tough, durable and reliable and reflects state of the art design, materials and process

It is manufactured using the latest specification aramid fibre, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix. The unique SARKAR process ensures a homogeneous, resilient structure ideally suited for ballistic applications.

The helmet has a smooth conformal shape with no protrusions, sharp contour changes or snagging hazards.

The edge is covered with a low profile neoprene rubber extrusion which provides a forgiving and neat finish. The hard sharp edge of the helmet moulding can soon look untidy with the day to day knocks and bumps of service life. Also, it can cause damage to other less durable items.

The rubber edge trim prevents this from happening. The helmet is fitted with a fully adjustable harness system that can be released and removed in just a few minutes by unfastening 5 screws.

A comfort pad is fitted at the brow. This is covered with leather for perspiration absorption and comfort. It features a low section for maximum compatibility with sighting systems.

The harness is a four strap system with full adjustment for wearing height. It features a crown pad for comfort. The Harness also absorbs shock in excess of the standards laid down in EN 397.

Saltire and Unionjack

All our helmets are manufactured in United Kingdom. They are tested rigorously to international standards to ensure that everything we sell are of the highest quality and offer the greatest protection to our customers. 

Sarkar Demining HelmetFeatures:

  • Manufactured strictly as per US Military PASGT shape and style.
  • Ballistic shell made of Kevlar composite.
  • Three/Four point harness
  • NATO Codified
  • Low bulk and mass
  • Coated with IRR paint system giving durable finish
  • All colours available
  • Helmet Covers available
  • Optional Level IIIA Visor for maximum face protection