Ballistic helmets are designed to be reliable, efficient and comfortable while offering unsurpassed value

Ballistic and Advanced Combat Helmets Made In Scotland

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Sarkar ATV - Advanced Tactical Vest

sarkar ATV

Advanced Tactical Vest

The Sarkar Advanced Tactical Vest, GATOR -13 is designed for over-the-uniform wear, offering full front, back, side and optional neck and shoulder ballistic protection. It has been designed to be used by Police, Military and Special Forces…

Sarkar's Ballistic Helmet Line consists of various ballistic protective ground troop and Special Forces helmets. Sarkar NIJ Level IIIA helmets provide advanced protection and superior comfort to accommodate users' needs. By using the latest ballistic materials Sarkar is also able to manufacture helmets weighing significantly less than competitor's standard products.

Our helmets are also Shock absorption tested and certified to EN397. Sarkar is also one of the only few European companies to have full NIJ accredited V50 test results for both FSP and RCC fragments according to MIL-Std-662F standards. All Sarkar Ballistic helmets are 100% Made in the United Kingdom.

Our ballistic helmets are made from modern raw materials such as Kevlar and are quite superior in the area of protection. Ballistic helmets are used by the armed forces around the world for reducing combat fatalities.

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar XAC Advanced Combat Helmet

sarkar ACH

Advanced Combat Helmet

The new SARKAR DEFENCE Advanced Combat Helmet is based upon the US Army's MITCH (Modular Integrated Tactical Comunications Helmet), ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) & Gentex helmets

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar SDH-01 PASGT Helmet

sarkar PASGT

Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops

Comprising of a lightweight shell with ultra comfortable webbing and four point harness system, this helmet offers fantastic comfort while providing world class reliability and protection

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar SF Special Forces Helmet

sarkar ALPHA

Special Forces Helmet

Designed as a lighter and more compact version of the Advanced Combat Helmet; with reduced ear & back coverage and no lip, this allows for better peripheral vision and hearing.

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar CVC Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet

sarkar CVC

Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet

Sarkar Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet has been designed for tank crews and soldiers needing to wear large communication headsets. It is designed to be completely removable from the headset.

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar XAC Advanced Combat Helmet

sarkar SIGMA

Advanced Combat Helmet

The Sarkar SIGMA Helmet is a versatile combination of the Advanced Combat Helmet, ALPHA and Special Forces Helmet, DELTA. It provides the optimal lightweight construction of the Alpha to the maximum coverage found in the ACH.

Sarkar Defence Solutions Limited - Sarkar XAC Advanced Combat Helmet

sarkar PTH

Paratroop Helmet

The Sarkar Paratrooper Helmet is produced in ACH style with enhanced features for airborne operations. Paratroop Helmet has internal fitments of the that provide increased protection to accept the additional inertia involved in parachuting.