An instant ballistic barrier for doors, windows and car seats

Ballistic Bomb Blankets

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Sarkar Ballistic Blankets are manufactured from high-strength Aramid Fabric to provide a wide range of applications where personal or property protection is required.

Ballistic Blankets can be rapidly deployed for immediate bullet or fragmentation protection in high-risk situations including executive security, perimeter defense, mine clearance usage and shielding applications. The Blanket also serves as an instant ballistic barrier for doors, windows and car seats.

Our Ballistic Blankets can be quickly and easily thrown over windows, doors and walls, or used as a personal shield in hazardous situations. The ballistic materials are protected from the environment by high-strength abrasion resistant outer shell. 6 Heavy-duty handles for easy positioning in front of windows, high-risk areas, etc.

We can also supply our bomb blankets with powerful disk magnets for fast attachment to vehicles and boats.

Sarkar BombBlanket Features:

  • NIJ Certified Level IIIA
  • NIJ Certified V50 upto 650m/s 17gr fragment
  • Weight: Only 36 lbs.
  • 6 Carry Handles
  • 48"x72" Inches / 4x6 Feet
  • Custom Sizes
  • Engineered from high-strength Aramid Fabric
  • Water resistant and fire retardant
  • High-strength 1000 denier Cordura outer shell